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I have finally decided to go ahead with NRIGoan.com as my primary domain name for my blog. Though i am lovingly known as Rayboy by family and cyberspace and rayboy.org still remains as my primary email service. I felt its time i move out and venture into a more professional outlook, than be confined my personal identity.

Secondly, i decided to keep WordPress as my SAAS provider, instead of using my own hosting, to save time in technicalities and my obsession of constantly modifying everything and no time on blogging. i remember i changed rayboy.org themes and plugins over 4 to 6 times .

So this time , Focus purely on blogging, content creation, talk about IT and more! and let the technicalities be handled by WordPress.

Now what will happen if i retire? i wont be an NRI? well . this title will continue as being born in Kuwait and lived majority of my life outside Goa. i will still attribute most of my personal development being an NRI.

Welcome to NRIGOAN.COM

Sharing is caring!